The Largest Library of Retail Education That Really Works

Role-tailored and personalized for your category. Transform your employee experience, decrease employee turnover, and separate yourself from your competition.

18+ Months of Career Development

From part-time hire to CEO, we have the course retail skills, leadership development, and personal growth that gets results.


Our expertise is in architecting retail education that gets results. Your expertise is in your brand and customer. Augment our library of education with your own.

Transformative Facilitation

Whether delivered virtually or in-person, set up the implementation of a learning culture for unparalleled success via the expertise of our facilitation team.

Modern + Personalized Retail Sales & Service: C.A.R.E. Customer® from Progress Retail

The Most Comprehensive
Front-Line Retail Education System in the World

This is not a thirty-minute “Customer Service 101” course. From our in-person IGNITE programs, that effectively implement and launch the C.A.R.E.™ system, to the deep personal and professional skill building in C.A.R.E. Customer®, advancing for store leadership with the modern management skills needed in C.A.R.E. Coach®– this is deep and layered education that enables modern retail teams to deliver a heightened customer experience, and will completely differentiate your employer value proposition.

Cultural Alignment &
Building Empathy With Retail

It has never been more critical for retail HQ teams to be agile, collaborative, responsive, and effective at communication. Easy to say, more difficult to put into practice. Our H.E.L.P.™ education system provides the framework to optimize project management, streamline communications, and foster healthier cross-functional collaboration and feedback loops. Finally, close the metaphoric chasm between retail and the HQ.

A Seismic Shift in the Role of Multi-Site Management Teams

COVID-19 has changed retail forever, but the role that may be most permanently changed is that of the multi-site manager. Remote management, leadership development, and feedback have always been required of the role, but those capabilities have rarely been developed or possessed in multi-site teams.

Family Therapy, but for Retail Executive Teams

2020 has set a new bar in the requirements and capabilities for today’s retail executive. This education system is not about financial modeling, or analyzing your operations. It’s about people, relationships, and what gets in the way of effective leadership and organizational agility. This course is as much about personal development as it is professional.

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