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Make retail easier. Drive revenue. Increase visibility.



Directly communicate and engage each member of your workforce- not just the lucky ones that have a company email address.

Course Authoring

Deep Retail Education

Gain access to the deepest library of human-centered retail education that drives revenue.

task management

Task Execution

Are emails out of control with your stores? Is what is communicated to be completed miles away from what is executed?

File upload and intranet

File Library & Intranet

We feel intranet is a bit archaic, but your teams deserve a central location to find what they need.

Build Your Own

Course Authoring

Create and assess your team’s comprehension on new initiatives. In a changing retail landscape stay ahead of the curve.

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Get up-to-the-second data on your team’s learning and performance data.

Deep Learning For Every Role.

Quickly deploy years of renowned personalized learning and development to each member of your team.


Whether it’s our library of retail education or courses authored by your team, create a learning pathway for each role in your business.


Unshackle your front-line associates and enable them to be self-managed learners. Receive a stronger baseline of engagement than manager-led learning.

Deep Reporting

Receive up-to-the-second updates on reporting. Compare previous periods- even measure employee turnover!

All Store Task Management.

Are your stores suffering from email overload? Is in-store execution falling by the wayside?

Gap-Free Execution

Include photos, checklist, and other attachments to make sure what is expected is executed in full.

Transparent Store Operations

Track realtime status, provide reminders, and generate insights on the operational excellence of your stores.

Instilling Accountability & Support

It hasn't gotten any easier in retail in the past year. Support yourself and your team with a sidekick that gets results.

Want to learn more? Here's some reading material.

Connect the Entire Business. Everyone.

There are great communications tools out there, but very few scale for retail. You need to train your team, why not use the same app for communications?

Permissions Based

Push Notifications

Attachment Friendly

Fully Customizable

Built By Retailers. For Retailers.

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