A Straightforward Investment in Employee and Customer Experience

As retailers, our per-store pricing model makes it easier to plan, budget, and track results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your pricing model?

In most cases we charge per store location, because of our sole focus on the retail industry. This approach has worked out really well for our partners so all team members can have access. Having said that, other models do exist. Contact us so that we can best understand your needs!

How personalized is the learning content?

It depends! Within our C.A.R.E. Customers Are Really Everything® system, the entire C.A.R.E. Customer® (sales and service) course is personalized for each retail category. There are some additional personalization opportunities available.

Are in-person training services required?

Nope! However, what we can guarantee from thirty years of delivering transformative, deep learning experiences, is that behavioral change will implement and accelerate much faster. We like to say, solely in-person learning isn’t scalable, and solely scalable learning isn’t effective.

Can we customize parts of the platform?

For sure! During an initial discovery conversation we can share various forms of implementation, and based on your needs present you with the right package of tools and features that will move the needle with your stores and teams!

Is this just for retail? Or can our HQ teams benefit from this?

Absolutely! In practically all of our partnerships with retailers, this is a business platform that connects and develops the entire workforce, from the part-time team member to the CEO!

Do you offer pilots?

Definitely! Sometimes things need to be proven up front, and we’re so confident that when our solution is partnered with passionate retailers, incredible outcomes occur. Set up a chat for us to discuss in more detail!

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