Transformative Experiences

Not your average training workshop. Experienced by 100,000+ alumni. Often referred to as “life-changing”.

Expertly Architected Retail Education

Education is at a major crossroads. Textbooks and PowerPoints are for information – true learning is about transformation, and that takes a special skillset. Our trained facilitators, expertly developed by our founder Terry Hawkins, have undergone years of intensive development to create transformational learning outcomes in our renowned three-day formats. Oh yeah- as you’ll see below we love acronyms…

Front-Line Retail

Our C.A.R.E. Customers Are Really Everything® education system combines personal growth, self-awareness development, and modern retail skills to increase average transaction values and decrease employee turnover.

HQ Teams

Having Empowered Liaisons of Productivity® is all about alignment. How many retailers boast a healthy support center, but have a toxic store employee experience? Geared towards all members of all functions within a retail HQ, provide the necessary skills to bolster collaboration and crossfunctional harmony that every retailer needs to be successful.

Executive Teams

Having worked with thousands of retail executives across over a hundred retail brands, the dynamics at play can vary significantly, as can the effects of a dysfunction or a lack of optimization across leadership.

Multi-Site Teams

Superior Management of a Resourceful Team® has never been a more relevant education system for today’s stretched retail leaders responsible for a higher degree of remote management and leadership, while driving growth across a group of stores.

Upcoming Transformative Experiences

The majority of our in-person engagements are private and performed inhouse with our retail partners. Take a look at some of our public upcoming events.